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Rob WhiteThe Story of "Can I Be Frank?"

Throughout the 1970ís and the 1980ís, Frank Mills was a household name in Canada and throughout the World. He won many awards nationally and internationally for his warm, light hearted, and easy listening instrumental music. Frankís career was highlighted by the worldwide acclaim for his hit, "Music Box Dancer". Since Frankís retirement in 2000, the only way to listen to this timeless music was through your favorite recordings.

Rob has wanted to perform Mr. Millsí music on stage ever since Frank departed from the music scene. It was a visit with John Lester in 2006 that led to Robís concepts for putting together a show that included many of Mr. Millsí memorable hits. After receiving permission from Frank to do the show, the groundwork was laid and "Can I Be Frank?" started to come alive. Rob decided to make the show a tribute to Frank and his music without turning the show into an impersonation. The show will feature Frankís music performed simple - without all the bells and whistles - but with a touch of Rob White mixed in.

Rob is excited to perform the music of Frank Mills on stage. He hopes to catch some of the magical ambiance created at Frankís live shows by playing some of Mr. Millsí most requested songs. Come and enjoy the beloved music of Frank Mills as it comes alive on stage, one more time and see why Rob wanted to BE just like him.

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